Medicine Walk

I recently came across the idea of going for an Earth Guidance or Medicine Walk from the wonderful Marcy Garrison Nelson creative and product coach to many. Marcy suggested this as an opportunity to receive guidance and inspiration from the natural world. These types of walks are not new age! They have their roots in

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Acts of Self-Care

During the month of May I completed a module on Health & Wellbeing with clients on both my coaching programs. During this time, we talked about creating a life of self care and self love. Our goal is to move beyond occasional treats, holidays and spa days, to living a life of full spectrum health

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Self Love

On my recent trip to Sedona, one of the many first in a lifetime experiences I had was to have a Card Reading with Rachel Farabaugh. I loved it! And like many aspects of the Retreat, the insights and learning and self awareness created just keep deepening. I was invited to ask a question that

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