live a life you love

‘What would I love?’  When you tune into that question and listen to the signals you already have to provide your answer to it – your longings and discontents – you are on the path my friend to a whole new possibility.

Have you...

  • Spent most of your adult life trying to figure out how to create success in your life?
  • Heard about the law of attraction and wondered why it isn’t working for you? 
  • Felt exhausted from trying to create change or different results and need a new approach?

As your coach and facilitator, I bring to the table over 30 years of experience of working in human potential and development, drawing from disciplines as diverse as leadership and management, psychology, neuroscience and spirituality, finding the best ways to support my clients in moving beyond existing circumstances and conditions to achieve previously unprecedented results in their lives.

Whether you are trying to support your team to take on a new initiative or direction or need some support to get going again on an outcome you want to achieve in your own personal or professional life, I can support you with the mindset tools and transformational strategies that form a reliable, repeatable, system to empower you take responsibility for your results and create and live a life you love.  

Work With Me

I’d be delighted to work with you via coaching, as your workshop leader or facilitator.  Simply click the button below and we can set up a conversation or you can sign up for my blog and free resources to get some immediate access to strategies and tools that can support you in living a life you love!



“When I first contacted Maeve, I was too tired from juggling all of my practical responsibilities to figure out how to go after a career dream that has been in my heart for years. (…) The culmination of her weekly classes, laser coaching sessions and workshops have helped me to craft a holistic vision for my life that I love. (…) Maeve’s visuals, real-life examples and guidance on how they apply to my personal vision have resonated quickly and given me the courage to take the transformational actions I need to advance confidently in the direction of my vision. Since working with Maeve, (…) the contentment and clarity that has come from changing the way I think has led me to confidently make decisions that fear has caused me to put off in the past. (…) I find myself being more happy and confident than ever as I march toward my dream. Maeve is a truly wonderful coach who goes above and beyond and I recommend her to anyone who wants to make meaningful change in their life.”


“Prior to signing up for the Dream Builder Programme, I was contemplating a transition to early retirement but had some underlying concerns about ‘what next’ and what would my new identity and purpose be. (…) Over the course of the programme my dream transformed from volunteering work to setting up my own business without compromising space and time to enjoy leisure activities. My new state of balance in living my dream leaves me feeling energised, excited, and filled with happiness. The structure, guided workbooks, and audio recordings of the programme along with Maeve’s supportive, challenging and respectful coaching style facilitated me to reflect and explore in depth on ‘who I am’ and how I want to live a life that I love. I highly recommend Dream Builder as a journey towards personal growth, fulfilment, aliveness, and ultimate happiness. Thank you Maeve.”