About Me

I wanted to take some time to tell you a bit about me so you know who you’d be working with!

In many respects I feel I have lived a blessed life throughout my 50+years.  Despite that, I also spent most of those years trying to figure out how the world works and how people, including me, forge their way within it in ways that seem optimal to achieve the kinds of outcomes we want and the experiences we desire. 

That led me to a very academic life in many respects, thinking that the answers would be found in the acquisition of knowledge and, to a certain extent, in the degrees and qualifications/certifications that reflect such a journey. 

Somewhere along the way, after meeting my now husband Andrew and having three boys together, I discovered that we learn even more through experience.  And I’ve come to understand that wisdom comes from the application of knowledge and experience, from experimentation and review and from embracing challenge and shadows rather than running from them or denying them

Around 2016, having left my secure and pensionable job in Higher Education (those words will speak volumes to some of you!) I discovered the Life Mastery Institute and found a way of bringing together all that was beginning to come together in me in terms of codifying and articulating for myself and others the tools of transformation,  I discovered how to take control through working with the spiritual universal laws, assume 100% responsibility for my results and create the support structures to keep me aligned and on track to achieve the outcomes I wanted.  And from there everything started to fall into place.  I understood those tools better for myself and started to teach them to others via my workshops and coaching so that you too can be empowered to live a life you love. 

Which brings me to today, where I would say I am living my dream, working from home, coaching and leading workshops and doing some work within organisations either delivering in-house programmes or facilitating teams to create the kinds of results they want and identifying the route to achieve them. 

I continue to grow and learn, always adding to my toolkit for life and work and choosing be the best I can be in any given moment both in terms of how I show up for myself and how I show up for you. 

Through it all, my values have stayed the same, I remain family oriented and Andrew and our boys are my why, the reason I do what I do, make the changes I make to be a better mother, partner, person and professional.  And I continue to grow and learn, always adding to my toolkit for life and work, always with a book on the go and always working with my own coach, choosing be the best I can be in any given moment both in terms of how I show up for myself and how I show up for you. 

In terms of the results I have created during the 5+ years that I have been living and teaching these tools of transformation, we’ve had a couple of amazing family holidays in Australia and the US and I hit 6 figures in my company for the first time during the Corona Virus Pandemic.  I’ve started offering my own programmes, some of them free of charge, so that I can give back to my community and support everyone who wants to transform, irrespective of income.  I believe in walking my talk and trust that you can see the evidence of that here.  

I’d be delighted to work with you via coaching, as your workshop leader or facilitator.  Simply connect here and we can set up a conversation or you can sign up for my blog and free resources to get some immediate access to strategies and tools that can support you in living a life you love!