Acts of Self-Care

During the month of May I completed a module on Health & Wellbeing with clients on both my coaching programs. During this time, we talked about creating a life of self care and self love. Our goal is to move beyond occasional treats, holidays and spa days, to living a life of full spectrum health and wellbeing, where every day is celebrated as the gift that it is and you get to relish the opportunity each day brings.

For many of you receiving my blog this weekend, it is a bank holiday weekend in Ireland. These are often times when we like to get going on garden projects or jobs around the house, as is evidenced by the queues at garden centers and DIY stores! If this is you, I want to share with you some suggestions around mindset and strategy that supports you in seeing some of those activities as the acts of self-care that I believe they are.

And for some of you, and you know who you are, this holiday weekend is about rest and regeneration. For you, it is more important to prioritize that. To support you in being strong and content in your decision, I refer you to a blog I wrote some time ago on the theme that Rested Horses Win Races!

And now back to this week’s topic. The invitation is to look at some of the items on your to do list around your home and garden and see that it is absolutely an act of self care to get them done!

If you have been following my work for a while, you know the power of decision! Making a decision and committing to action is essential to creating change and sets us up for forward momentum.

The opposite is also true. When you have unmade decisions that linger on your mind, it zaps your energy. You leak precious energy all over the place, when you have a pile of projects that are going nowhere and no decision about when or how you are going to tackle them.

This is so true in the context of jobs that need doing both at work and at home. Often times, these are small ‘jobs’ or ‘chores’ that actually take very little time to address. But without having a process for dealing with them, they manage to amass into bigger hurdles.

Let’s take a look at which this looks like in practice:

  •  Your car is due a service and you know you are pushing the limits and maybe even inviting a tire blow out or damage due to lack of oil
  • A bedroom door creaks every time your kid goes through it and it irritates you every time you hear it!
  • There’s a pile of artwork leaning against the wall waiting to be hung up
  • There is a leaking radiator or roof tile and the damp spot is growing
  • There are seeds that need to be set or plants re-potted in the garden
  • Your office desk (at work or at home) needs tidying and you keep putting it off
  • You have a pile of clothes on the floor or in the bottom of the wardrobe that you never get around to sorting

This list of examples could go on and on and in truth it gives you an insight into some of what’s on my list of energy-drains! Feel free to add your own examples! Take a moment to share below the uncompleted tasks that are draining your energy, I’d love to know what features for you.

The objective here is not to create overwhelm or pressure. Neither is there any intention to create shame or guilt.

The first objective is to create clarity – to acknowledge the unfinished business that actually exists and to acknowledge the degree to which it is sapping your energy.

The second objective is to encourage you to make a plan and start addressing it. Then notice the difference it makes to your energy and sense of wellbeing.

The list or plan absolutely does NOT all need to be resolved this weekend! You might just get so far as identifying what needs to be done this weekend and make a schedule to tackle it. If you can complete a task or at least initiate it this weekend, so much the better.

Going forward, the invitation is to each week for the coming weeks/months, pick one thing off your list and get it done. Then celebrate that you did it and keep going. Identify what to address next and continue with that momentum. Doing one thing well, like making a decision to address the things you can improve in your environment and making progress is what changes the trajectory of your overall experience.

Very quickly you will notice that when you do good (address something on your list) you feel good (you are proud of the accomplishment). This creates a virtuous circle of goodness! Because you now feel better you want to do more of what is making you feel good and on it goes. You are now living into a life of self care, with every action you take.

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