The Requirement to Recalibrate

The Requirement to Recalibrate

As you probably know, I had a Vision Workshop last weekend, two wonderful days where each participant deliberately created a vision for their life, made the decision to go for it and learned how to overcome obstacles along the way.

There was excitement and high energy and a sense of momentum for all as we closed the workshop with an action plan and a process to always know what’s your next step to take.

And I’ve been hearing back from participants. Some are still in high energy mode, creating plans and taking action. Others are feeling tired, maybe a little overwhelmed. And some are wondering if they can really achieve these dreams they created. So I wanted to share some insights on how to navigate all of it at this stage in the process.

At the workshop I shared a story of the Big Fish & the Frying pan. It’s a funny story really, about a fisherman who only keeps fish he catches that fit the size of the frying pan he has at home. We smile at the idea of it but there’s power in this story. It’s a way to help us to remember the great adage:

If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you always got.

When you create a new vision for your life it’s like choosing to get a bigger frying pan. New possibilities open up and you have to make space for those new results. That takes energy and sometimes you can feel tired and maybe emotional initially.

You’ve been stretching your possibility thinking, creating a bigger container (a bigger frying pan, as it were) and there’s a certain recalibration that has to occur in your nervous system to enable that energy to flow more freely. Allow for that, give yourself some time for that recalibration to take place, it may be a few hours or it may be a few days, but make sure you give time and space for that.

The word “recalibrate” is defined as “to re-examine (one’s thinking, a plan, a system of values etc.) and correct it in accord with a new understanding or purpose”

It probably takes a bit more time to have your thinking and behavior recalibrate to your new vision. Old beliefs that don’t fit the new results have to be let go of, perhaps some of the behaviors or habits you have had up until now need to change, some of the people you hang out with may no longer be compatible with who you are becoming.

Despite this thrill of your new vision, the gravitational pull of the familiar is really strong, the call to do what you always did is very powerful. It shows up in subtle ways, disguised as practicality and “facing facts”, but really it is just your fears and paradigms keeping you stuck.

As you get more in tune with your vision, limiting beliefs will crop up, fear of all these things that could go wrong will pop up, and there can even be situations that arise that feel like they are sent to stop you in your tracks – an unanticipated bill shows up, or this expense you were anticipating comes in three times higher. In those moments, typically you say to yourself, ‘I guess I can’t have this vision. At least not right now.’

You’ll know you’ve been caught up in this if any of these following thinking is familiar these past few days:

  • It’s not a good time to start anything new, I’ll wait till after the summer or till I have the money saved up
  • I’m too busy, aka my kids need me or other responsibilities must take precedence
  • I need more training/qualifications/expertise/connections first

Or you’ve had that surprise expense show up or someone is sick and needs your attention or your boss wants you to focus on something other than what you had your heart set on and you feel like you have to put your dreams on hold. Again.

Know that in those moments your most important step is to not make any major decisions about your vision. Give yourself some time and space. Stay tuned to your vision and get curious. Ask yourself some highly calibrated questions e.g.

  • What’s my step to take to get more in alignment with this belief that my vision (or an element of it) is entirely possible for me and that it can happen with ease?
  • What can I do to generate €xxx in the next week?
  • What’s a great way for me to have the holiday and generate more money that I ever have in a month?
  • What’s a step I can take today that will cause a quantum leap for me in love/ health/ wealth/ time etc.?

Your work is really to stay in alignment with your vision and let your actions be guided from there.

You also want to generate thinking that is in alignment with your vision. Here are some of the things you can think when conditions and limiting beliefs seem to be telling you that you can’t have your vision:

  • My dreams matter and I deserve to live a life I love
  • What if I could? What if it was easy?
  • I make time for what matters
  • Everything is always working out for me

How do I know all of this for you? Because it is the same for everybody and I have my own experience of it as I’m stretching to my next new level of results. You got to learn and love the process! Because it is always the same process to create new results. And the journey of it can be predicted as are the ways to navigate it – it’s what I teach my clients.

If you would love some additional support to navigate this process to create new results you love, be sure and reach out. I’m just an email away and we can set up a complimentary strategy session to both clarify your results and identify the fastest route to get you there.

Follow this link here and it will take you to my online calendar, choose a time that suits you, complete this intake form that has some great questions that create their own aha moments and you my friend will have busted another paradigm and will be one step closer to the new results you’d