Everything is connected

Everything is connected!

I just spent a weekend on a course about healing and wellbeing and the core message all weekend was that everything is energy! As a species, more and more we are using that language – that everything is energy and that we are all One. And in Truth, this is a belief in many cultures and philosophical, religious, spiritual and scientific traditions, all over the world. But sometimes, I’m not really sure that we fully grasp what that means for us as individuals and communities and I’m certain we haven’t really grasped the power of knowing it!

To be honest, I’m not sure I fully understand it! It is pretty mind-blowing after all. That said, when I listen to either a scientist or a spiritual teacher explain it, I get it and I know it’s Truth. Do you have that experience too, you don’t necessarily know how or why it makes sense but you know at a visceral level that it does?

So today I want to talk about this in the context of our health and wellbeing. For centuries now the medical world in the West has treated the body as machine and sought to ‘fix’ parts that aren’t operating properly or optimally. As is often the case, it takes a lot to turn around well-established ways of thinking and behaving! But more and more now researchers, medics and experts are demonstrating that everything in the body is interconnected and that our mind impacts what’s happening in our body and vice versa. Not only that, science, medicine and spirituality is all coming together acknowledging that we are made up of energy, the same energy that makes up the entire universe.

So everything is interconnected and always communicating with the energy around it. Nothing exists in isolation.

In the context of our health, pain in certain locations can be deferred from elsewhere, medication that solves problems in some areas can aggravate others, how we think about ourselves and our bodies impacts our recovery and overall sense of wellbeing. What we eat and drink impacts our energy levels, our concentration, our sleep. Are you seeing the pattern here?
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Sue Morter, in her book The Energy Codes, puts it this way:

“we are energy. Our matter, mind and thoughts are energy. Our flesh and bones are energy. We are integrated, multidimensional beings made of pure energy. And the degree to which we know this truth about ourselves is the degree to which we live either in pain or in bliss.”

And it’s not just about what is going on inside of us, it’s also the case that we are connected with everyone and everything around us. Again from Sue Morter:

“…everything is connected and everything affects everything else. (sic) At the most fundamental level of our being, we are all one. That means that what each of us does matters – that what we do in one area of our life affects every area of our life, and everything we do has some impact on everyone and everything else.”

On one level this really is mind blowing when we think of the enormity of the degree of impact we all hold both for our own wellbeing and for the impact we have on others and our environment. On another level, it makes it all so simple! If I look after myself as best I can, I can improve my own wellbeing and through that, can be a positive impact on everyone else around me.

That is what my Radical Wellbeing programme is all about. For a few years now I’ve shared this programme, looking at wellbeing in holistic ways and acknowledging the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of it. This year, we are taking things to a whole new level!

We’ll be doing a deeper dive into the interconnectivity of all four dimensions and we’ll pay closer attention also to the importance of our connections with others and the environment. And while we have always paid attention to the spiritual dimension, this year we will be looking more closely at how our awareness of ourselves as spiritual, energetic beings, can support and guide us in enhancing our wellbeing physically, mentally and emotionally.

Ultimately, my goal is to support you in navigating your way to find your own path to your experience of Radical Wellbeing. I fundamentally believe that this is a journey we all have to embrace and discover for ourselves. As Deepak Chopra, Jack Tuszynski and Brian Fertig put it in their most recent book: Quantum Body

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“Your state of well-being is nothing if not personal… Your wellness profile embraces everything, from your psychological mood, to your satisfaction at work, your general health and past medical history, your relationships and your time of life. Medical science cannot guide you optimally through these interconnected factors, yet somehow you must find a way to navigate them successfully.” ​

So are you in?

We won’t change your whole wellness experience in 5 weeks, but you will feel more informed, more empowered and more able to create your own version of Radical Wellbeing.

We start this coming Wednesday – sign up here!

And if you’re feeling like taking control of your health and wellbeing is a bit of a groundhog day experience, know that I’ve got you! I’ve been there! And everything we are doing on Radical Wellbeing is designed to support you in creating a different experience, guided by Spirit and in tune with what’s right for you.

Let me finish with a mix of science and borrowed marketing to encourage you to embrace your radical wellbeing! Carl Sagan famously said: “We are made of star stuff”. You are a star! And you can create results you love.

And why would you do that?

“Because you’re worth it!”

Radical Wellbeing starts on Wednesday 29th May and runs for 5 consecutive Wednesdays at 7.30pm Irish Standard Time and costs just €99. Full details and joining link here.