Three steps to success

On my Radical Wellbeing programme at the moment, we are all creating a picture/vision/intention for our radical wellbeing. It captures the new results and experiences we each want to create in the context of our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. And currently, for each of us, there is a gap between where we are at and where we want to be, a gap between our intention and our reality. This blog shares how to reduce this gap by using three steps to success.

You might not be working on improving your wellbeing at the moment, but for sure you will have new results you are intending for your life.

You probably have holiday plans and aspirations for how that break will go. Maybe you are moving home or changing jobs or would love to – you intend for certain outcomes when you make moves like that or aspire to them. Maybe you’d love more free time or more financial freedom? You have intentions around any or all of these things, even if you don’t normally use the language of intention or vision or dreams. And for sure you also have a gap currently between your intentions and your reality.

So how do we navigate the gap between where we are now and where we want to be?

Recently I was reminded of the work of Raymond Charles Barker. He says that there is just one success strategy:

There is only one success process. Know what you want, decide it shall happen, and act upon the decision.

Raymond Charles Barker

So let’s break that down and collapse the gap between your intentions and your current realities.

#1 Know what you want

In the first instance, you really do need to clarify your intention! I know you most likely think you know what your intentions are, but how clear are they really? How specific are you in terms of the results you’d love to experience? You have to do this work and spell it out for yourself.

This is important for two reasons.

The first is so that you are transmitting clear signals to the Universe that it then can respond to. The Universe is always saying yes to you! In quantum physics we are told that all the molecules are in superposition, just waiting to respond to the direction we give them. You need to know what you want so you can be clear and consistent in the direction you are giving!

The second reason you need to know what you want is so that it is motivating for you! If we relate this to radical wellbeing, no one wants to lose weight for the sake of it or to have mental and emotional ease for the sake of it. We want those things because of where we think they will take us and how we will feel, e.g. you want to feel good in your skin, to be able to play with your kids or grandkids and keep up with them! You want to be able to rest well or relax more so you can better enjoy time in nature, with friends, or simply be happy in your own company.

If it’s financial freedom you’re intending – what do you want to do with your money, where do you want to go, who do you want to go with? What causes would you love to support?

If you want to meet the love of your life – what difference will that relationship make to you and your significant other? What will you do together that you’re not doing now?

So get clear, know what you want!

#2 Decide it shall happen

Make a decision that you’re going after what you’d love. Most of us move into action without ever making a decision that we’re committing to attaining the new results. In the absence of a decision, the first set back is often totally derailing.

And there are going to be setbacks, because that’s just life. The setbacks don’t mean we can’t have the result, they just highlight that there is a different way to get there! Making a decision that you’re going for it and an advance decision that you’re doing it no matter what, keeps you on track.

And remember, decision is a daily activity! As Les Brown put it, before your feet hit the floor each morning you declare to yourself:

“Here I go again, I’ve got what it takes, I’m doing this thing!”

#3 Act upon the decision

This is a real game-changer! Are you showing up consistent with your intention or are you relating more to your current conditions? Are you giving more time and attention to the contrast between your current reality and the outcomes you’d love? This is where most people get stuck – but not you! Not anymore!

Most people have an intention but most of their energy is focused on lack – if I want to be radically well, but I’m consumed with my current symptoms or lack of fitness or worrying about the headaches I’ve been having, I’m not focused on my intention.

In such an instance, to be acting on your decision, you’d be taking action on the things you can progress – visiting your GP, improving your fitness, using acupressure to relieve your headache, i.e., making active choices to be more aligned with your intention. We have to be consistent with the outcome we’re intending. We don’t get to become fit by not doing anything to get fitter! We have to be in action in alignment with the result we want and the decision we’ve made to go for it.

If you want to have a great summer holiday but you’re completely focused on how the others in your party aren’t playing ball with your plans or the weather isn’t how you hoped it would be or the museum you wanted to visit is closed – you’re not focused on your intention.

Of course all of those things are disappointing! I’m not denying that. But are you going to let them ruin your holiday or are you going to make it a great holiday anyway?

We can’t change the circumstances but we can totally change and optimise how we respond to them. So if your intention is to have a great holiday, how does the person who is having a great holiday show up in the face of those challenges? Be that version of you!

Whatever it is that you have going on in your life at the moment, be clear about what you want to create, decide to go for it and show up consistent your decision.

Easy peasy, lemon squeezy!? Follow these steps and it definitely can be easier, peasier and lemon squeezier.

And if you’d love some support to create your vision and bring it to fruition with more ease and speed, I invite you to explore these options:

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Cover Photo by Katja Anokhina on Unsplash