open to receive

Receiving the good and creating flow

Today’s blog is about creating flow in your life.  One of the best ways we can do that is through an activity called circulation, which involves two activities: giving and receiving. 

I’m willing to bet that you know all about giving already!  I recognise the giving capacity in my clients and most people I interact with, so chances are you are a giver if you’re reading this blog.

The main point of today’s blog therefore is actually about the other part of the circulation equation: receiving.  When we move into the flow of being a receiver, we open up to an infinite number of ways that good can come to us, e.g., through an idea or an insight, in the form of an unexpected gift or the opening up of an opportunity.  Wouldn’t you love that?

Here are a three ways to support you in opening up to being a bigger receiver. 

#1  Enter into a receiving experiment.

Step 1: Begin Your Day with this mantra. “Today I am open to receiving all the good that comes my way through the infinite channels the Universe (God/Life) provides”

Step 2: Deeply Receive Throughout the Day.  All day, deeply receive and accept the good. No matter how small the thing that comes your way, even if it’s a cent, being waved through in traffic, someone saying thank you…

Step 3: Keep Track of the Receiving. Write down everything you receive

Each day for the next 7 days, check off that you did the receiving experiment √:

Day 1__________ Day 2__________ Day 3__________ Day 4__________ Day 5__________

Day 6__________ Day 7_________  

This is such an empowering experiment!  I’ve renewed my own experiment with receiving this past month or so and here are some of the joys that came to my family and I – a new kitten (for free! Believe me, it is a sign of my own growth that I can see this as allowing good into my life!), being treated to lunches and dinners out, a long weekend at our family’s cottage in West Cork with my two girlfriends, offers of help and support for my sons in finding work and study opportunities, free school transport (value €600 for our family – the Lord works in mysterious ways!), a stunning new place to go fresh water swimming… honestly the list is endless.

#2 Act on the ideas you get

As you open up to receiving more good remember that the first currency of the Universe is an idea.  Start paying attention to the good ideas coming to you, be grateful for those ideas and take action on them.  These ideas could be related to any aspect of your life: wellbeing, relationships, career or time & money freedom. 

#3 Notice & reverse any tendency to push away a good that is given to you

This might sound strange or unlike you.  You probably don’t see yourself as someone who “pushes good away”.  Ways to get curious about your own habits include considering how good you are at receiving compliments?  How easy is it for a friend or colleague to treat you to coffee or lunch without you getting into ‘No, it’s ok, I’ll buy it”, or “I’ll get you back the next time”.  When you get an unexpected gift is your response, “Oh, you shouldn’t have”?

Again, conduct an experiment on yourself and get curious.  Are you leaving in all the good that’s there currently?

If you’ve been blocking your own good, decide that the next time you receive from another, instead of any downplaying of compliments or push back on lunch or coffee or gifts, graciously accept and simply say “Thank You”.

This is SO powerful.  You’ve heard me say before that the Universe reads our intention by where we are putting our attention.  If your attention is on downplaying compliments and pushing back on kind gestures, the Universe reads it as you not wanting such things.  And if you’re doing that with the smaller elements of goodness in your life, you can’t then expect the big things to come easily – better health, the job or promotion, the new partner or friends, the house extension…  Welcome and be grateful for all the good that comes and you open up the opportunity of more and better coming to you.

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