Collapse your learning and create success now

Just last weekend I attended a 4-day coaching conference, meeting with the best in the business to up my game, grow in my awareness and become an even better coach. 

One of the things we discussed is something you’ve heard me say before: “there’s no change without change”.  We can’t create new results in our lives without doing something differently.  Or to paraphrase Mat Boggs:

“If you want to create something you’ve never had before you have to become something you’ve never been before

Michael Beckwith says it another way:

“You can’t create a new personal reality with the same personality”

This is not to say that you can’t be who you are!  You are already perfect, whole and complete.  And you already have within you everything you need to create the life you’d most love to be living.  But most of us don’t realise this or can’t stay in that realisation long enough to put the knowing of it into effect in our lives. 

So I’m writing a blog about this today to offer you some suggestions for ways in which you can realise your power, grow into the powerful being you are and become a match for the new results you want to create and experience. 

The bottom line is that there are ways to create success and to hasten the process.  Here are three game changers:

  1. Give up the lone ranger syndrome
  2. Find someone who can collapse the learning for you and TEACH you a system for creating success
  3. Become the person who is a match for the result you’d love

Let’s break these down a little and be very clear about what is required in each step to accelerate your success.

1) Many people believe that they have to do everything themselves, as a lone ranger.  Sometimes that can be because of a limiting belief that tells them the support isn’t available whether they want it or not.  Other times it can result from a desire or need to prove yourself whether to yourself and/or to others. 

Let’s just blow that one out of the water for once and for all.  And don’t just take my word for it, look around you!  In all walks of life, Sports, the Arts, Business, successful people surround themselves with mentors and coaches who empower and accelerate their growth.  It is not a weakness to seek help or support, it is a strength.  So the first step you can take to catapult your success is to stop trying to do it all alone.

2) The second thing you need to do is to find the person who can collapse the learning for you, someone who knows how to create what you’d love.  And when you learn that system and apply it in your life, you become someone who believes you can do it because you are doing it! 

Will it take energy and focus? Yes!  That’s a given.  What’s more, when you really want something you don’t mind giving it!  And when you are applying that energy and focus in ways that work and you have a burning desire to achieve, you make progress with your dream.  That’s the value of a coach!

As you grow from all you are learning you become that new version of yourself that enables you to create new results, and there is no going back.  As Oliver Wendell Holmes puts it:

“One’s mind, once stretched by a new idea, never regains its original dimensions.”

Many of you have heard me talk about leaving my job in the public sector and going into business as a solopreneur.  By most measures, I did very well in business in my first couple of years, I made my financial targets and I built a steady client base.  But I was doing it in ways that were killing me in terms of time and loss of personal and family life. 

I needed support to build my business in a way that allowed me to still have a life that I loved!  I needed a coach to help me with that because, frankly, I didn’t know how.

Now I earn almost double what I was earning when I started with my coach and I do it on less time!  Before I got into that relationship I just didn’t know that that was really possible.  I was the one getting in my own way and I needed help to get out of it. 

What difference could it make to you to have a coach to support you in making the changes you need to make to have the life you’d love?

3)  The third step is to start being the person who is a match for your new results.  Knowing what you want to achieve and having the mindset that supports you to achieve it are definitely critical to your success.  But at the end of the day, you have to move into action!  As Wallace Wattles said,

“By thought the thing you want is brought to you, by action you receive it”

Again, this is an area where transformational coaching can really support you.  You need to be taking the right action, with the right energy, to really accelerate your results.  Sometimes we refer to this as “coming from the Dream”, you are taking the actions that successful you would take, even before you’ve had the success.  And that my friend, it the difference maker!  And it is so much easier to do that with support and with the accountability of a coaching or mentoring relationship.  That relationship provides the support structure to ensure that you are staying on track, especially through the doubts, setbacks, and delays which will inevitably be part of any significant change.

If you would love to collapse your learning and get support from a coach who knows how to create success, I’d love to be that person in your life!  I teach transformational principals that can be learned and applied starting now. 

Just yesterday, I was talking with a client who recently completed my Dream Builder programme.  At the start of the programme, she was feeling isolated, living in a new country where she had “no job and no friends”.  When I asked her the difference doing Dream Builder made for her she said,

“I have a job that’s even better than I imagined, I have friends, I have a new bike!  I feel gratitude, I feel well, I recommend Dream builder for everyone”

What would you love to create?

I support my clients to develop and sustain a mindset that is aligned with the new results they’d love to create.  And I empower my clients to take the steps they know they need to take to get the results they know they’d love to get.

The Dream Builder coaching programme is my foundation level coaching programme and you have the opportunity to take part this month!

If you are feeling that there’s got to be more to life and you’re tired of spinning your wheels, this is a fantastic opportunity to break that pattern forever and

  • Learn the 10 steps to transform your life and achieve the success you’d love
  • Take a holistic approach so you avoid making compromises between work and relationships or success and time freedom
  • Develop trust in yourself and confidence in your abilities to create outcomes you love

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If after reading everything you’d love some time together to determine if this is the best programme for you book a complimentary strategy session here.  It’d be my privilege to meet with you and support you in this decision.