Do you love what you do and do what you love?

My great mentor, Mary Morrissey teaches that we have infinite creative potential and we get to create a life we love living.   What we’re talking about here is the capacity to create the kind of health and wellbeing we’d love, relationships that thrive and nurture, fulfilling and rewarding work and time and money freedom.  What’s not to love?!

The problem is that we don’t always realise that we have this infinite creative potential inside of us.  We think that our opportunities and potential are dependent on what’s happening outside of us, in the economy, the health system, the people and circumstances we experience.

But what if you were to believe in your creative capacity?  When we’re told in the bible that we are created in the image and likeness of God, that’s what is meant!  That we can create worlds and our experience within them and we don’t have to come from any particular faith community to believe that.  The Truth is, we are always creating. 

You and I and everyone else around us, either consciously or unconsciously, is creating their experience.  And therein lies the rub.  We’re either doing it consciously or unconsciously.  Or as Mary Morrissey puts it, we are either living by default or by design.

As someone who has been studying these Truths for several years now, I know this!  I teach it to my clients.  And just like everyone having a human experience, I can still fall into habits of living and creating by default. 

Let me give you an example.  I’ve been feeling a bit overwhelmed with work, over committing and not creating enough space in my week to meet those commitments for a couple of months.  Perhaps unsurprisingly, I got sick!  It wasn’t covid but I felt awful for a few days, awful enough to cancel or postpone some work commitments and take back control of my diary.

I was sharing this with my coach (yes! coaches have coaches too!)  and she immediately pointed out this principle of living by default or by design.  She reflected back to me that when I got sick, I took time off!  By my admission, it had even become predictable that I was going to have to get sick to make me take control of my diary. 

She also reminded me that my diary is mine, I populate it.  And she helped me to recognise that if I can book time off when I’m sick I can book time off any time I choose it to be a priority.  I can book time off by design.  I get to create the kind of balance I want in my life.  I’m taking that lesson on board (again!) and managing my diary differently now!

Where in your life are you waiting for something to happen to give yourself permission to do something you know you’d prefer, something perhaps you’d love to do?  For me it was having a more balanced work week and better longer-term schedule of commitments. 

Maybe you’d like to start a new programme of study, or get back to exercise and healthy eating?  Maybe you’d love to meet the love of your life? Maybe you’d love to start a new job or go part-time or get that promotion?

If you really believed that you get to create the outcomes you’d love, what would you love and what would be your first step in that direction?  Identify that step and go do it, today if possible.  At least progress it today – make an appointment, have a conversation, take a short walk.

If you’d love some support with this, just as I needed support from my coach to see where I had choices to make and options to take, go here to book a complimentary strategy session to clarify your vision and see how coaching together could be the missing ingredient in empowering you to design and live the life you’d love.  

If you feel stuck, or there’s one part of your life you’d love to transform, this visioning session is going to help you move you to where you want to be.

You will:

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