From Meh To Mojo In Four Easy Steps

Do you ever get to feel that way? Meh? The dictionary defines it as ‘feeling bored or apathetic’.  Being somehow ‘unimpressed’ with how things are going or the progress you are making, e.g. in terms of achieving your vision.

This is something I’ve been challenged with myself of late and am working through it.  It can feel quite quicksand like, that you’re sinking.  And for me at least, it feels that when I struggle against my meh, the more difficult it becomes and the deeper stuck I get. 

So I wanted to share with you the strategies that are working for me to stay buoyant and to find my way through the meh moments and reclaim my mojo.  I trust that these 4 steps will move you from meh to mojo too!

Step #1 – Accept the feeling.  I think the first and most significant thing is to not fight how you’re feeling!  Sometimes I notice that meh feeling and I resist it, I think ‘I’m not supposed to feel like this’. 

And of course we all know, what we resist persists!  That feeling just gets stronger and louder, because it wants to be acknowledged. 

So, accept the feeling.  This doesn’t mean that we don’t do what we set out to do or that we give up on our dreams.  It might mean that I need to take a short walk, make time for some meditation or simply breathe: in and out, in and out, in and out.  Often the latter is the thing that clenches it, just three deep breaths, acknowledging what’s there, “I’m feeling meh just now”.  And somehow, simply acknowledging it, makes it feel a bit more ok and I can carry on.

Step #2 – Name the real issue.  What is really at issue here?  We all of us have a negativity bias and that’s ok.  Realising that we have that bias has power!  So name the issue, the thing at the source of feeling meh.  That’s a great step towards taming it.  And then allow that it can co-exist with all the things that are also going well.  It’s not all or nothing here, some things are challenging, some things are going well. 

Step #3 – Identify the longing/discontent.  What does this meh feeling create for you in terms of longings or discontents?  Abraham Hicks talks about our longings and discontents as having the purpose of launching in us a rocket of desire for what we would actually love.  Their whole purpose is to point us towards what’s better.  Spend some time on this.  If I satisfied this longing and/or dissolved this discontent, what would my life look like?

Build a clear picture of the outcomes you’d love.  Maybe your vision is shifting, some of what you wanted has been achieved, some of it isn’t what you thought it would be.  What would you love now? 

Get clear and then make a decision to go for it.  Then anchor that new direction with action that supports its achievement – what is a step you can take from where you are with what you’ve got? 

There is always something we can do and in the doing of it the next step gets revealed and once again we’re building momentum and finding traction.

Step # 4– What if it were easy?  This is a great question to employ, ‘what if it were easy?’  We are programmed to think progress must be difficult, that anything worth having is worth fighting for.  But it doesn’t have to be that way and part of you knows this. 

You can use the faculty of memory to remind yourself and validate how progress can be easy.  Think of all the progress you have made to date in the context of your vision.  Remember the things that worked out and the ease with which aspects of that came into being.  Those were flow moments and you want to anchor in that energy. 

When thinking about next steps, begin with the memory of the successes you’ve already achieved, especially the ones that came easily.  And from that energy, identify a positive next step you can take today.

With these steps you are on your way again, your perspective has shifted, your energy is higher, you can source better ideas for best next steps and you have your mojo back. 

I’d love to hear how you get on with these steps, drop me a comment in the box below!

Image Credits: khashayar-kouchpeydeh via Unsplash , zulmaury-saavedra via Unsplash

2 thoughts on “From Meh To Mojo In Four Easy Steps”

  1. Elaine O Leary

    HI Maeve,
    This is very supportive and so right.
    I do find seeking out whats nagging me, naming it and being “with it” for a while is very helpful
    to become an observer / witness of it so to speak, rather than tied to it.
    Thanks for your great blogs !

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