Natural vs Normal

On our Transformation Acceleration coaching calls currently we are exploring some of the Universal laws that govern our experience. Most of you will be aware of the law of attraction which says that like attracts like and what you focus on you get more of.
Another law is the law of compensation, which basically says that you reap what you sow. Farmers know this! If you plant corn, you get corn, not an apple tree. If you want apples, you must plant apple seeds. We all understand this in the natural world. And I’m sure you can see how it works in your life also.
For example, if you want to reap harmony in your relationships, you know you have to plant compassion and love and respect. You can’t plant bitterness and resentment and expect a harvest of harmony.
There are several universal laws, all invisible but we feel their effects! They govern our lives. They apply to all peoples, at all times, in all places. There are no exceptions.
Part of our challenge in working with the Universal laws is that they are invisible. And we are not typically trained to trust what we can’t see. So let me help you with that today.

Universal Laws

Notice how we can’t see gravity! But we feel the pull of it in our lives and we work with it.

We can’t see the laws of electricity but we know when our house is wired to code, we can have light at the flick of a switch. By the same token, if our house isn’t wired to code the lights will not come on. And no amount of praying or penance or meditation or force will make those lights work. They work according to the laws of electricity, period.

The invisible Universal laws are the same! We don’t have to see them to be able to feel them and trust that they work, their way, every time. And just as life got easier when we harnessed the laws of electricity, so too does life get easier when we harness the Universal laws.

As you get to know and understand the laws and apply them in your life, everything starts to feel easier, like you are in flow. There is even a law that governs that: the law of obedience, which is all about getting in harmony with the Laws of the Universe. When we do that, life gets easier.
What can be challenging about getting in harmony with the laws is that it can feel kinda weird for us to do so. Even though harmony with the laws is our natural way of being and everything starts to flow with much more ease when we achieve it, when it is new to us and consequently unfamiliar, we often resist it because it doesn’t initially feel comfortable and ‘normal’.

To help you with that I want to share a quote from Tom Willhite:

“What is normal is the tendency we all have to live a certain way with a certain paradigm and a certain way of experiencing life. But even though it’s normal because we repeat it, doesn’t make it natural.”

What is natural is for us to be in harmony with our nature, and our nature is unlimited abundance. Our nature is unlimited goodness. Our nature is unlimited life.
For me, this is a fantastic distinction that can now be in our awareness. That what is “normal” is not necessarily “natural”.
Normal is what I have made habitual, it is what I know and am familiar with, it’s part of my conditioned way of thinking and acting but it is not necessarily natural.
Natural is what is in my nature. As Rumi reminds us, we are “sons and daughters of Life itself” and our nature is unlimited life, unlimited possibility, unlimited abundance.
Here are some of the ways we can discern between normal versus natural, in terms of how they play out in how we think and act:


(i.e. how most of the world thinks and operates)

  • Looking to the circumstances, conditions and situations of our lives to determine what’s possible
  • Condition-based decisions and actions, e.g. looking to my bank account, my diary, the economy, the health system to determine what is possible for me
  • Living according to my habits and paradigms
  • Incremental progress
  • Struggle
  • Going within to determine what I’d love and to identify the steps I can take
  • Vision based decision and actions – saying yes to what moves me in the direction of my vision?
  • Living according to my nature – trusting in unlimited abundance, unlimited possibility
  • Unprecedented results
  • Ease and Flow

To do an experiment on how these perspectives can transform your experience, I’m going to leave you with a couple of questions to get curious about!

  • Where are you allowing condition-based thinking to determine what’s possible for you? Instead, ask yourself what would I love?
  • What are some of your “normal” ways of behaving that aren’t serving you currently? How would the person in your vision behave? What decision or action could you take that will move you in the direction of your vision?

Here’s an example of the difference it can make to do what is natural. At our recent Vision workshop, one of my clients shared how he had a vision for the type of work he’d love. He had struggled to even articulate that vision initially because he had no idea how he could achieve it and the normal thinking from within and without was that he’d “left it 19 years too late”.
Normal would have been to accept that he’d left it too late, to knuckle down and make the best of things as they were. Instead, this client courageously developed his vision for the career outcomes he’d love. He engaged with that vision every day, consistently making decisions and taking action that moved him in that direction. He surrounded himself with a structure of support to help him stay in the awareness of unlimited possibility.
In less than a year, he had created unprecedented results. Not only did he get his dream job, he also created unprecedented results in all domains of his life – wellbeing, relationships, and time and money freedom.
If you would love some support to really tune in to your vision and the Truth of being a spiritual being having a human experience, you will love my in-person Spiritual Immersion Retreat on 24-26 November. Check out the details here and follow the links to sign up or reach out to discuss it’s suitability for you at this time. You can email me directly at: [email protected]