Harness Your Superpower

As you may be aware, I have recently been on retreat in Sedona Arizona. There were many gifts and blessings that dropped in during my time there and I’ll be sharing them with you over coming weeks and months. In today’s blog, I want to share with you how to access one of your invisible Superpowers: Your Intuition.

You’ve maybe heard me quote Theillard de Chardin before when he said, “we are not human beings having a Spiritual experience, we are Spiritual beings having a human experience”.

Just as you have 5 physical senses – sight, sound, smell, taste, touch – to navigate the human side of your nature, you and I also have six mental faculties – imagination, intuition, memory, perception, reason and will – to support us in navigating the Spiritual side of our nature.

Maybe you’ve heard this saying too:

                                                           Prayer is when we talk to God

                                                        Intuition is when God talks to us.

You and I are blessed with the faculty of Intuition. Maybe you feel you use that faculty currently or maybe you feel you don’t know how to access it? Either way, if you have dreams that you’d love to achieve, know that your Intuition can guide you towards their accomplishment with greater ease and grace than your logical mind can even conceive of.

Einstein said it this way:

“The Intuitive Mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift” Would you love to access that gift of your Intuitive Mind more? Let me share with you some strategies to do just that, which can be summarized as: Ask, Listen, Accept.

ASK – The first suggestion is simply to ask for guidance. You can engage with anything and everything in your environment to ask for guidance – the biro you’re writing with, the chip you notice on the cup or mug you’re drinking from, the light fitting in your room, the bird that lands on your window sill as you look up from your computer. Simply ask: What message do you have for me? What guidance would you have me know?

Equally, you can ask a question about anything. What could I do to get greater clarity (e.g on my Vision or with a particular challenge)? What is a step I could take in the direction of my Vision? What could I do to earn more this month than I earned all of last year? Who could I connect to for support?

LISTEN – Simply listen to what comes in response. You will ‘hear’ something – a memory may bubble up, you’ll hear words or see them written, you could have a flash of insight or inspiration, you might feel a moment of peace or decision or calm.

Really pay attention to all of it. Our intuition is subtle. Subtle doesn’t mean it is weak, it is simply that the signals are not so obvious to the 5 senses which typically we have been told to rely upon.

On retreat last week, one of my fellow participants shared a moment of insight. She said she realized how much she must pay attention to the little intuitive nudges that come because they are the ones that lead to the bigger insights. Put another way, Gandhi said ‘our intuition is as loud as

our willingness to hear’. The more you’re paying attention, the more quickly and clearly you see and understand the signals.

ACCEPT – Be open to what comes. Don’t judge or dismiss it, don’t question it. Know that the ideas or inspiration, the intuitive insights will almost certainly not be linear and in that regard they may not always make sense to the logical side of your nature. The invitation and recommendation is that you trust what comes anyway and if you feel you need clarification of what the message means for you simply ask.

Often times with clients, when they have opened up to working more with their intuition the question that arises is how do I know that I’m actually hearing from my intuition?

It’s a great question and there’s a clear answer. While the Bible gives several examples of how God speaks to us, the old Testament story of Elijah perhaps best captures the intuitive voice. It is said that God did not speak to Elijah in a wind storm, nor an earthquake, nor a fire. It was only in the calm afterwards that Elijah could hear the voice of God.

Your voice of intuition is calm, consistent and stable. It doesn’t give a story or explanations, it simply points the way. It is never critical or berating.

The voice of fear on the other hand can have a kind of stressed quality to it, it can be critical and judgmental, ‘how could you not know…?’ ‘what possessed you to do that?’ It gives chapter and verse as to why you must or must not do something. It can be inconsistent about what’s a next step – “do this, no don’t do it”…

If in doubt, the best suggestion I can make is to use your breath to come into a state of awareness: grounded, present and open in the now. Then ask ‘Would I love this?’ That will bring you back to your inner guidance and intuition.

At retreat last week, we were all working on enhancing our intuition (and all our mental faculties). It led to all sorts of breakthrough moments and collaborations, one of which I promise I will share with you as it comes to fruition! It took tenacity and courage for all of us to do this work, the joy is in where it takes us and in the outcomes that evolve because we listened to the nudges and acted on them.

If you know intuitively that you’d love more direct and consistent support for learning these tools and insights to bring your dreams to fruition with greater ease, grace and success, be sure and reach out. You can book a complimentary strategy session here and let’s get you going.

Photo by Renè Müller on Unsplash