Find your Fire

The Vision Workshop is fast approaching and it is a great opportunity for you not just to clarify your vision for a life you love but to find your fire!

We all have goals and aspirations for things we want to create in our lives. In a full spectrum life, those aspirations cross four domains: your health and wellbeing, your relationships with self and others, your career and how you share your time and talent with the world, and your time and money freedom.

Maybe you’d love to create better health or overcome a challenging diagnosis? Perhaps you have a relationship you’d love to heal or you’d love to meet a significant other, or to deepen a relationship that’s on autopilot? You may have aspirations to create greater impact in your work or to engage in work that is more fulfilling or lucrative or successful? Maybe you have holidays you’d love to take or a new home you aspire to or you want to be able to give to your community in much more expansive ways?

Whatever you would love more of or less of in your life, you’re right to be paying attention to that. Those longings and discontents are your soul’s guidance, pointing you towards a life that is better for you. At the Vision Workshop, I’ll support you in tuning in to that guidance and get really clear. Because clarity is power and that’s a gift you can give to yourself.

The second gift you can give to yourself is to build your passion for your vision. I’ve written about this before in the blog Burning Desire and quoted Napoleon Hill:

“Dreams are the seedlings of reality. A burning desire to be and to do is the starting point from which the dream must take off.”

You have to know what you want and you have to really want it. This goes way beyond wishful thinking. Wishful thinking is what most of us do, most of the time. I know! I spent the best part of a decade wishing I was working for myself! We can lose years in this way, wishing for a different life, not knowing that there is a process we can learn to bring it to fruition.

Part of the process for creating results you love is that you have to really fall in love with your vision. It has to be non-negotiable. You’re either all in or not and when you’re not fully in, know that kinda wants, kinda gets.

So let me ask you again, what would you love? What would you really love? Price Pritchett, in his book you² makes the invitation this way:

“Loosen the limits on your thinking and give yourself permission to pursue what you most want. … Set your sights far above the reasonable target”

The reason this is so important is that you have to love the result with an emotional intensity that it is strong enough to protect you from the “chilling effects of doubt, uncertainty, criticism, and failure”.

The results you’d love, that you’ve never had up until now, are a change. It’s a desired change, but nonetheless all change triggers fear, doubt and worry. And in all the changes you seek to make, there will be some people in your life who will support you and some who will think you’re crazy or criticise you for wanting to go for it. That’s a given, an inevitable part of the process of creating results you’ve never had before. So you have to love the result enough that it carries you past all of that and you must be willing to pursue it relentlessly.

If you have that clarity of vision and the passion for it, know that you are poised for a quantum leap in terms of your results!

If you are aware that you haven’t achieved that kind of clarity nor the passion required to sustain the results you’d love, know that this is so much easier to do in community! Join me for the Vision Workshop on Saturday 15th October. From the comfort of your own home, live on zoom, you can give yourself the gift of time, space and a supportive community within which you can identify what you most care about and fuel your passion for having it in your life.

You deserve to live a life you love and you can learn how to create it with ease and grace. Let me start you on your journey at the Vision Workshop, book your ticket here.