Celebrating Us

You all know my views about celebrating wins!  Mostly I encourage celebrating the small wins, those micro moves we are making on a daily and weekly basis, that move us in the direction of our vision and the results we most want to achieve in our lives.

And every now and again, those micro moves lead to a peak moment, when the momentum they’ve created and the consistency with which we are showing up aligned with who we really are becomes more visible and tangible both to ourselves and others. 

You’ve all had those moments: moving into your new home, having everyone over to your redesigned garden, your promotion, your new job, your new relationship, the super holiday, researched and saved for and now being enjoyed.

For me, this past weekend was one such moment!  I had invested 4 days of my time, energy and money in training with Mary Morrissey and the fabulous faculty at the Brave Thinking Institute and their guest contributors.  It was a fabulous line up and they poured into us teachings and principles, support and encouragement that I share with you in all my coaching and workshops. 

At the event, they also had the inaugural Awards Ceremony for Life Mastery coaches.  Some elements of the Awards process had been pre-announced with the opportunity to submit an application, I hadn’t applied for those, I thought I wasn’t ready…

Other award categories were announced on the night and I was both shocked and stoked to be a winner in two:  The 50 Impact Club and the 2021 Outstanding Impact Award.

I can’t tell you how much it meant to me to be on that screen with some of the coaches I’ve admired for years.

And I want to express my deepest gratitude to all of you, all of you clients who chose to work with me as your coach on my coaching programmes: Standing Firm, Dream Builder, Life Mastery, Radical Wellbeing, Working with the Law; all of you who have joined me in Vision Workshops and in-house workshops and programmes teaching life mastery principles and strategies for career enhancement.  Everyone who reads my blogs and follows me on social media – it is through working with you and empowering you to be a conscious creator of your results that together we create impact. 

Thank you.  I celebrate you!

So how do we get to those peak moments? 

It is in the decisions we make every day, deciding to show up, do the work, keep the focus on our vision and take the action that is aligned with the results we want to create.  It is about surrounding ourselves with a structure of support that keeps us focused and accountable. 

Many of you know that my own work and momentum increased exponentially when I went back into my own coaching support structure last September.  It has had such an impact that I was on that screen with 12 others who achieved outstanding impact in 2021 including with my own coach!  That’s how much progress we can make in 9 months with the right support structures in place and a willingness to do the work.

If you have results you’d love to achieve in the next 9 months and know you need that kind of structure of support to empower you to get there, give yourself the gift of a complimentary strategy session with me and we’ll get you going.  This is an opportunity to get really clear on the results you’d love and determine how coaching with me supports you in achieving them. 

And if you’ve currently got some peak wins that you haven’t been celebrating fully and capturing the uplift they create, I share with you the wise words I got from Brave Thinking Institute on Monday:

“Take a moment each day to look at your award [aka peak win!].  Do not let this moment go by.  Take that moment to anchor your day and use it to motivate yourself to the next level”

I am contemplating that award daily and I’m making space and time to work with my coach to create my vision for what’s next. What’s next for you?

In the meantime, I invite suggestions below as to what I could do to celebrate the achievement?  After 16 months of lockdown, I would love to hear your ideas of what to do to mark such a special moment!

To your success!

5 thoughts on “Celebrating Us”

  1. Miriam Kingston

    Maeve – Warmest congratulations on your award! Fantastic! You must be thrilled beyond measure!

    Savour the feeling – let it curl and wash all over you and savour it anew! Then smile! And keep on smiling!

    Warmest wishes,

    Miriam K

  2. Congratulations, Maeve – a wonderful achievement. You could maybe celebrate with a little spa treatment or a nice lunch out…

  3. Well done Maeve, an international award – you truly deserve it ! I am always saying you deserve an award for what you do and so I am delighted to hear this news. I am so grateful to you for what you have taught me. You are a brilliant, gifted coach and a blessing to all you inspire.

  4. Congratulations Maeve,👏👏🌸🌺🌼 well deserved. My suggestion for your treat yourself to celebrate. Give yourself a day off to do as you please, go where you love going, eat where you love to go to eat, even if it’s a takeaway and treat yourself to a bouquet of flowers. Hope you have a wonderful day to celebrate yourself xx

  5. Congratulations Maeve
    Well done
    That’s fantastic for you
    I hope you enjoy your success in your great achievement
    Well wishes from

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