Don’t click away!  You’re in the right blog!  

Yes, it’s me, writing about productivity and how to more successful in kinda managerial terms.  This is a bit of a departure for me but I’m excited to share it with you because it is new learning that I’ve found very impactful personally and it’s something I believe can hugely enhance your success too. 

I mentioned in a blog recently that we still have the final quarter of 2020 to go.  And if you had plans and aspirations for this year that are still unrealised, I believe there is much you can do, despite Covid, to achieve them. 

I know there are many reasons why you might feel differently, I’ve heard them all –

  • it’s impossible to meet new people (friends/significant other) because of Covid;
  • it’s impossible to find a new job because nobody’s recruiting;
  • it’s impossible to find a new home in a pandemic. 

But let me tell you, JUST THIS WEEK, I’ve had clients and workshop participants who are engaging in new relationships, have started new jobs and have moved home… everything is still possible and I want to share with you one way you can make your possible more predictable.

If you’ve been working with me for a while, you know the importance of knowing where you want to go – you have to be clear about that to start.  If you’re having trouble on that front take heart, I can help you with that too – join my Online Vision Workshop on Saturday 10th and we’ll sort you out on that front! 

If you know your vision and goals but haven’t been making progress, then I want to share with you this concept popularised in Sean Covey’s book, The Four Disciplines of Execution.  Once you have your vision (goal) in place, focus on your lead measures.  Let me explain! 

Covey distinguishes between lead measures and lag measures.  Lag measures, essentially, are your results: weight lost; new relationship; new house bought; sales generated, promotion achieved.  On one level, Covey argues, we have limited control over achieving these results.  Furthermore, when we focus on our results exclusively, we can very quickly feel stressed out, anxious and thinking that it’s all hopeless.  Feel familiar?

The alternative approach is to focus on lead measures: high leverage actions you can take to get the lag measures to move. 

So if I want to lose weight, my lead measures could be calories limited; exercise taken, weight-loss classes attended; if I’m focused on finding a new partner, I might take lead measures like reaching out to family and friends to let them know I want introductions to potential partners; joining a dating agency or starting a new hobby or class to meet like-minded people; if I want to buy a new house I might start putting money into savings regularly, read property supplements and view desirable properties regularly; draw up architectural plans, learn the planning requirements, develop my colour schemes; and if I want to generate sales or get promoted I could make more calls to prospects; add to or diversifying my products and services, update my CV and network more. 

The above types of lead measures are all actions where we can control what we do and they are likely, especially over time and if consistently taken, to lead to our desired results. 

So if you are disappointed with your results so far in 2020, have a look at your lead measures – do what you can with what you’ve got – and knuckle down.  Take consistent action on your lead measures, keep monitoring your overall results and prepare to celebrate on 31st December.  Even if you haven’t achieved everything, you are guaranteed to have made significant progress and will be well placed to conquer your goals in the new year.

One of your lead measures might be to get some help!  If you’re not clear about your vision and goals, join me for the Online Vision Workshop on the 10th, an afternoon of support, encouragement, tools and strategies to get clear and get going.  Details and bookings here.

If you need help in being more consistent and accountable for your existing lead measures, why not join me for a complimentary get acquainted session to see what difference it would make for you to have a coach!  Book your session at the link here