This week’s blog is continuing our theme of exploring non linear ways of knowing and sourcing creative ideas and next steps for whatever we need assistance with. 

2020 has been an eventful year!  Almost certainly not eventful in the way most of us anticipated last January, with many events, from holidays to social and work occasions, cancelled or postponed.  But it has been eventful none the less, with lots of disruption on practical, emotional and spiritual levels. 

Perhaps you had a lot of plans that have been progressed and maybe achieved, even if not how you expected?  Or maybe you had lots of plans but now feel a loss of momentum or progress towards them as effort and energy goes on responding to the demands of covid and keeping you, your family and community safe and well.  Or maybe the effect of the pandemic has been to pull the rug completely from under you, at least temporarily, with unexpected redundancy, job loss or illness?

Wherever you may be regarding your personal experiences in 2020, I’m writing today to remind us all that we still have a whole quarter left this year!  I know for many it’s been a very tough year.  I just want to take a moment so we can all pause and reflect and gather our mojo for what’s left.  At the ¾’s point, the game isn’t over yet!  And how we manage our mindset, energy and expectations still has a huge impact on how our year ends. 

So if you’ve been intending just putting your head down and waiting for 2020 to end, please read on and consider another, gentle option to open up insight, possibility and promise for the remainder of your year.

My suggestion is for you to take a Wisdom Walk.  Go someplace that is a beautiful setting, maybe by a river or on the coast, or maybe you’d love to surround yourself with autumn leaves and colours.  Wherever you chose, let it be someplace where you’re glad to spend some time and can access with ease and safety. 

Set your intention that your walk and surroundings will give you guidance for whatever you need to know to end 2020 well.  You could ponder some open ended questions like these as you wander:

  • What’s a new perspective I can have on my experiences in 2020?
  • What’s the best thing for me to focus on for the remaining months of 2020?

If you like to have a lot of prompts for reflection here are a few more questions on an autumn- related theme that might support your inquiry:

  • What do I need to shed or prune in order to end this year well?
  • What do I need to nurture and support so that it can have a great burst of growth in the spring?

As you walk, just notice what you notice.

When you return, journal about what you saw and how it relates to your question/s. 

I took my own Wisdom Walk recently and was inspired by the colours and the light.  I was reminded of how much there always is to enjoy and be grateful for about where I live.  I was encouraged to walk more regularly to support both my mental and physical fitness.  And I met an acorn!  It literally dropped on my head as I was walking, so I brought it home with me, to remind me how big oaks from little acorns grow… more on that theme another day!  For now, suffice to say my wisdom walk brought ease and joy and inspiration for the months ahead. 

Where will you go for your Wisdom Walk?

Originally Posted 15/9/20

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