I’ve been having some discussions with clients recently who tell me they are feeling stuck and would like some help in getting out of it!

Left to our own devices, often when we are feeling stuck, our response is to ‘think harder’, i.e. we do what we always do, just more of it.  The result of this is that we can end up going around and round in circles without getting anywhere and without generating any new ideas or options! 

What we really need is to bring some fresh thinking to the situation and that requires some new and novel approaches.

A great way to generate new ideas, fresh thinking and explore options is to work with images.  The reasons it works to explore images is that it allows us to access our own knowing in new and different ways, which leads us to new and different ideas!  Visual images leverage the mind’s ability to make associations and often there is a lot less internal censorship.  As a process for unlocking our thinking and identifying more options, exploring images works particularly well when paired with open ended questions.

So if you’re feeling stuck at the moment, I invite you into an experiment with me this week.  Above are some images I’ve ‘curated’ on your behalf to enable this experiment in finding creative ways to respond when feeling stuck.  You can choose your own image to work with if you prefer. 

Select the image that you want to work with.  Allow this to happen naturally, i.e. let the image choose you!  Trust your intuition on this, just go with whatever picture particularly stands out for you, appeals to you or seems to be calling you to it.

As you focus on the image, pay close attention to the thoughts, emotions, associations, and/or conflicts it evokes in you. 

Now try to understand the image’s connection to you and whatever it is that is causing you to feel stuck. 

Here are some questions to help you work with the image and its relationship to your issue.

  • What is it about the image that called to you?
  • What associations come to mind?
  • What is the message this image has for you?
  • What is the image telling you about this issue?
  • What new insights are you gaining as you explore the image?

Begin a dialogue with yourself and see where it takes you…

Here are some additional questions that you could use to explore your image in more detail, taken from Points of You advice on exploring images:

  • What do I see in the image?
  • What detail is the most significant for me? Why?
  • What is missing in the image?  What would I add to it?
  • Where would I place myself?  If at all?
  • What do I like or dislike about the image?  Why?
  • How does all of this connect with the issue of feeling stuck?

If you liked this exercise and would like further opportunity to move beyond existing challenges, know that it can be very powerful to work with others in new and creative ways. 

All successful people surround themselves with mentors, coaches and/or mastermind partners.  Mastermind groups can be a great way to overcome procrastination, find new and more creative ideas to deal with challenges, provide us with the uplift of energy from others in the group and give us the encouragement to take the steps we’re been afraid to take. 

If you’d like to experience this kind of ‘uplift’ soon, why not join me for one of my coach-led Pop Up Masterminds on the 9th or 19th September – tickets and details here.

With thanks to the artists who shared their images on Unsplash (L-R):
Row 1: Kim Artyom; Aubrey Odom; Tim Mossholder
Row 2: Jude Beck; Mauricio Livio; Jadell Films