I promised you all a blog on this topic a while back, after an acorn had literally dropped on my head on my own Wisdom Walk a few weeks ago.  I’ve been mulling it over since and the essence of what I want to say is captured in this quote…

Our ordinary mind always tries to persuade us
that we are nothing but acorns
and that our greatest happiness will be
to become bigger, fatter, shinier acorns;
but that is of interest only to pigs.
Our faith gives us knowledge of something better:
that we can become oak trees.
– E. F. Schumacher

So today my reminder to you is that you have within you this knowledge that you can become an oak.  The seeds of potential in you can all grow to maturity as an oak, that possibility absolutely exists in you and for you.

However, word to the wise,  not all seeds  grow to their full potential!  We know this from our observations in nature: some fall on rock or are deprived of sunlight and water and never get the opportunity to thrive. 

Our job therefore, if we want to grow into our own true oakness, is two fold.  We need to first find and acknowledge the seeds of potential in our acorn-ness and then choose to create the conditions to enable those acorns to grow and thrive.

What are the seeds of potential in you currently? 

These seeds show up in two ways – the things you’re longing to change and the things that cause you frustration and dissatisfaction – both endeavouring to get your attention.  Open yourself up to hearing the ways in which they speak to you, initially as whispers but more loudly if you don’t pay attention!

So in the area of your health – what are the whispers of potential for you currently?  Are you out of breath when you get to the top of the stairs?  Do you feel sleepy or sluggish after certain foods?  Are you carrying more weight than you are happy with?  How well do you sleep at night?

In your relationships, what are the things that are ripe for attention or action.  Is there a relationship you would love to deepen, to release or to start?

What about your career and creative expression?  Do you feel lit up by the work you do, paid or otherwise?  Or are you longing for change, more fulfilment, more creativity?

And in the context of your time and money freedom – where do you want to invest more time?  With whom and on what activities or hobbies?  What would you love to do, create or give more of in relation to existing or potential financial abundance? 

Many of you have been in touch to share your disappointment and challenge in the face of the re-newed restrictions on travel and contact in Ireland currently.  I know it is tough. And I invite you to look at it this way: once again, we have unexpected time for reflection. 

What are the things that you are increasingly becoming aware of in terms of their importance in your life?  When all the usual busyness, structures and routines are removed, what emerges as the things that you value the most?

For you to live the life you love, you want to pay attention to these longings and discontents, they are your seeds of potential, signalling to you where there is opportunity and possibility for change and the upward spiral of growth that allows you to become your best self.

Once you acknowledge these seeds of potential (your acorns!), you are now in a position to create the conditions to enable them to grow and thrive…  what actions to you need to take?  Who can you get on board to support you?  What would you love to achieve by New Year’s Eve 2020 – weight lost, relationships strengthened, jobs enhanced or left or renegotiated, new directions, new hobbies and interests researched and commenced?

Set your vision for what you want to be celebrating on December 31st and then take the actions that you know are in alignment with those results.

I mentioned previously that I had set some intentions around getting more physically fit, seeking the support of a physiotherapist and taking action to enable my own recovery.  There have been ups and downs, tears of frustration and joy in moments of breakthrough. 

Finally, many months later, I’m making progress.  I’m exercising more routinely and more able for it, I use an app to keep me on target with my daily exercises and stretches (remember those lead measures?!), I visualise the healthier version of myself that I want to be rather than staying stuck in the memory of the negative state I started from.  This acorn of mine is finally growing if not entirely into it’s splendour as a oak, it’s definitely a sturdy, healthy sapling!

What acorn do you wish to grow into oakness?  Acknowledge it and make a commitment to start today! 

If it helps to motivate you and keep you accountable, write your commitment into the comments box below and I’ll hold the vision of that for you and celebrate with you on New’s Year Eve as you mark the achievements you’ve had in the intervening months.

To living a live you love!