How to Get Genius Advice Every Time

We’ve all had times when we are facing a problem. Maybe you have a challenge currently, in your health, with a relationship issue, with a work problem?

And you have heard me say, no doubt, that you can’t solve a problem with the same thinking that created it. You have to go to a higher perspective. A lot of my work with my clients is teaching them ways of accessing that higher perspective.

One of the ways you can do this is to check in with another person whom you know has that kind of higher perspective. But you have to be very discerning in terms of how you go about this. Misery loves company! Most people, most of the time, talk endlessly about their problems with others who feel they have problems too. Both parties end up stacking their challenges and woes, with the result that everyone feels even more overwhelmed or depressed or anxious at the end of it.

Would you love a way to avoid that?

What if there was a way that you were guaranteed to access a higher perspective from someone whom you knew had a perspective that you really wanted to hear.

What if you could get business advice from the likes of Sarah Blakeley or John Boggs or Steve Jobs? Or Health advice from Deepak Chopra? What if you could get relationship advice from a deceased parent or relative whom you know always had the insights you needed to hear? What if you could get support for understanding that you are a spiritual being having a human experience directly from Jesus or the Buda or any Spiritual leader you would love to hear from?

There is a way to access the knowledge, insights and guidance of anyone. I have seen this tool taught in multiple ways:

  • Your Circle of Allies, tuning into the wisdom of several archetypes, e.g. the Wise Elder, the Leader, the Mystic, the Magical Child, the Lover, the Fool, the Warrior etc.
  • The Raikov Effect people call it a Chat with a Genius
  •  I refer to it with my clients as tuning in with Someone Who Knows

Essentially it is a visualization exercise whereby you are accessing the thinking of someone who has more expertise or awareness than you by having an imaginary conversation with them.

Everyone recommends a similar process: creating some time and space to get quiet, acknowledge the problem, have some questions you want to ask, know who you want to ask questions of, and listen to the answer.

Here are the steps I worked my clients through at our recent Immersion training, our client-only deep dive on transformation principles and how to apply them in your life.

  • Describe your problem in detail
  • What have I been thinking and feeling about this challenge?
  • Describe how you will feel when your problem is solved
    • Use at least 3 feeling words e.g. relieved, free, excited
  • Who do you know that has solved a similar challenge
    • This can be someone you know or someone you’re just aware of. It could be someone contemporary or a historical figure, known to you or not.
  • What do you think they would tell you? What empowering question/s could you ask them?
    • e.g., What would be an easy solution to my challenge?
    • What solutions exist?
    • What’s one step I could take to resolve this today/this week?
  • Imagine the conversation you’d have with this person and the answers they’d give you
  • Take time to write down all the ideas you now have to resolve things
  • From all those ideas, what is one action you can take to move you toward the solution? By when?

Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash

Here are the reasons why this works!

Just acknowledging the problem and how you’re feeling about it starts to bring some relief.

When you consider how you’ll feel when it’s resolved, you are already raising your vibration to a higher level, which is automatically going to attract in new ideas, opportunities, resources, and possibility thinking.

When you start to think about others who have overcome similar challenges and who might have advice for you, you start to feel a bit better still – the fact that others got through this means you can do. What is possible for anyone is possible for you.

And when you start to ask some empowering questions, now you are opening up possibility thinking and creating forward momentum. You’re identifying action and taking it.

I encourage you to try this process today with whatever challenge you are facing. Notice the difference it makes in how you are thinking and feeling. And notice the practical difference it makes in supporting you to identify real action you can take to resolve your situation. Then go do that.

And do you know what’s the best bit? You had that awareness inside of you all the time. When people say you have within you all you need to create the results you love, it’s true! You just need to learn how to access it.

If you’d love to be among a community of dream builders and dream achievers and gain access to the genius and resources within you more consistently, then take the step you can take today….

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