This is the final blog in this 5-part series.  We’ve been looking at ways to live a full spectrum life, you being your best self in all areas of expression: in terms of your health and wellbeing, your relationships, your career and creative expression and now in relation to your time and money freedom. 

Covid-19 has been a real lesson in the true meaning of freedom.  We’ve been faced with restrictions that are unprecedented in most of our experience: enforced isolation; limits on where we can go, how far  and who with; loss of employment and opportunity for many. 

In such a context, what does the idea of freedom even mean and more particularly, what do I mean when I say time and money freedom is part of living a full spectrum life? 

Full Spectrum living means having abundance in all areas of your life such that you can actually do what you love to do.  

A full spectrum life is one in which you create the necessary conditions in order for you to be your best self.  And that includes having enough time and money to be able to go where you want to go, do what you want to do, have what you want to have and give to the people and causes that matter to you.

To paraphrase Derek Rydall, ‘you can’t be a light in the world if you’re worrying about paying your light (electricity) bill’!

So with time and money freedom, we are seeking to be comfortable enough, so that you can be creative enough, to really give the gifts that are within you to the world.

What gets in the way then and causes many of us to feel lack of money and time?  This is best answered by Soren Kirkegaard, who explains:

“Our life always expresses the result of our dominant thoughts.”

The real problem therefore is in our repeated thought patterns that become hard-wired, are often unconscious and form into paradigms that produce habits and ways of being in the world. 

These habits then produce results and these results may or may not be in harmony with you living a full spectrum life.  As Sean Covey say, ‘depending on what they are, our habits will either make us or break us’.

We all have paradigms in each area of our lives – beliefs that we inherited early in life from our parents, teachers and the culture we grew up in. These paradigms dictate how we think and act about everything, including time and money.

Paradigms aren’t inherently good or bad. They’re either expansive – serving you and creating growth in an area of your life, or contractive – creating subconscious blocks and challenges.  Any contractive paradigms about money or time will block the flow of abundance from entering into your life.

For example, do any of these phrases or thoughts sound familiar to you?

  • Money doesn’t grow on trees
  • I can’t have both money AND love
  • It’s not worth the effort to be more financially successful (too many taxes, etc)
  • If I want more money, I have to work harder
  • At some point, the money and success are all going to go away – I’m just waiting for the other shoe to drop

What about these phrases or thoughts about time?

  • There aren’t enough hours in the day
  • Time is money
  • Time waits for no one
  • Time is a storm in which we are all lost

In order to allow more time and financial abundance into your life, you must transform the limiting and constrictive thoughts that block it.  And first we have to make visible what that thinking is!  One great way to do this is to journal about it.

Start a Journal!
More than just keeping a record of your day, a journal can help you explore and sift through your thoughts, feelings and experiences and learn from them. It’s a great way for you to get to know you!

It’s great to choose a beautiful notebook, but the most important thing is to just get started. Here are some prompts to start with:

  • Today I am thinking/feeling  _________.   I think this is because __________.
  • One big thing I have learned during this crisis is _________.
  • When I think about time and money freedom I notice ________ .
  • One thing that’s surprised me recently is _________.
  • What matters most to me in life is _________.
  • Describe your ideal day _________.

​You may find this How to Journal article from the IAJW (International Association for Journal Writing) helpful to get you started.

Working in this way, you can begin to get to know your own thought processes and unearth more of your underlying thought patterns, which in turn feed your feelings and ultimately the actions you take and the results you create.

Adopt Empowering Beliefs!
We become what we believe!  Having unearthed any limiting thought patterns and restrictive paradigms around time and money freedom, you now have the opportunity to transform them into more positive and empowering ones. 

When it comes to living life full spectrum, these are some of the most common restrictive thought patterns I see in my clients around time and money.  For each one, I’ve identified in italics the more  expansive thought patterns we can adopt to support ourselves in managing our mindset and taking actions that allow us to change our results.

  • I have to wait til the timing is right becomes I make time for the things that matter to me
  • I don’t have the money becomes What would I love?  What step could I take towards that now?
  • I don’t have time becomes Time is elastic to my thought
  • Money doesn’t grow on trees becomes We live in an abundant universe
  • I have to stay in this job for my benefits/pension becomes I can have a job I love and be financially secure

So really start to notice your thoughts. Are they expansive or are they constrictive? Are they moving you forward toward greater abundance, or are they keeping you stuck where you are now – where you don’t want to be?

And when you do notice that constrictive thoughts are creeping up, remind yourself that you are responsible for two things: the thoughts that you think and the actions you take.  Shift your attention to more expansive thoughts and from that more expansive thinking chose an action that is aligned with the outcome you desire.  Do this consistently and you will make progress towards the results you want much more quickly and easily.

Clarify your Vision
Staying in control over your thoughts is hugely supported by having a clear vision for your full spectrum life.  Having a clear vision provides you with your own north star!  It helps provide direction and discern good decisions and choices.   

Maybe you are clear about your vision for your life currently or maybe you are like most people I meet, not at all clear?

If you would like some support to gain clarity on your vision and the opportunity to spend some more time identifying and shifting limiting beliefs and paradigms, join me for my Vision Workshop Online, this coming Saturday, 4 July from 2-5pm. 

During this powerful 3-hour workshop you will:

  • Create a crystal clear vision of what you would truly love to be, do, have and give in the areas of your health, relationships, career and time & money freedom.
  • Learn how to befriend fear and release limiting beliefs, paradigms and old, disempowering stories… and replace them with new, more empowering beliefs that will help you succeed at what you desire
  • Align yourself with the Invisible Laws of Success and harness them to support you in having your dreams come true.

Isn’t it time you set your course for your full spectrum life?  Join me Saturday to set sail! 

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