Because you’re worth it

One of the topics I’ve been discussing with clients recently is the idea that new results require that we increase our sense of deserving or worthiness. If you don’t believe that you deserve more life, more love, more health, more wealth, more impact, more success, more abundance – insert your own result you’d love – you’re going to keep self-sabotaging and prevent yourself from having it.

We pick up ideas as children and we tend to live out of them in the absence of consciously changing them. Some of the ideas that contract our sense of worthiness that many of us can relate to are, e.g.,

  • There’s not enough to go around
  • If I have more others must have less
  • It’s not ok for me to outshine my parent/sibling/friend
  • You should be grateful for what you’ve got
  • Don’t be greedy
Below is a short video that gives you some different perspectives to shift this kind of thinking and helps you to see that you are worthy.

In today’s blog I also want to share with you some additional tools to help you open up to receiving more of the good that is already here for you.

Below are some common ways that we block our good and how to overcome them. And know that as you allow yourself to receive the good that is here, now, you also open up the flow for more.

  • When you are given a compliment (on anything from your appearance, your hospitality, your contribution at work or in the home) are you able to allow that in? Can you simply say ‘thank you’? Or do you downplay things e.g., “oh, it’s nothing”, or “it was no effort” or “this old shirt, I’ve had it years…” or words to that effect?
  • If you are out with friends/family/colleagues and one of them offers to buy you lunch or coffee, are you able to let them do that? Or do you get into pushing back, “No, it’s my turn” or “Let’s just buy our own and keep it simple” or saying, e.g. “I’ll buy next time so” etc. Again, you want to be able to welcome the good/generosity of others and just say “thank you, I ‘d love that”, or” thank you, that’s really kind/ generous”, or “thank you, I appreciate that”. Find your own words, just keep them positive and resonant with yourself. And of course there will be times when you are the one doing the buying and the gifting, it’s not all one way traffic! But typically we have patterns of behaviour here and I’m inviting you to get curious about where the balance lies currently and how much you are actually willing to receive.
  • If you would love more financial abundance in your life, how are you with finding a coin down the back of the couch or €5 in a jacket you haven’t been wearing for a while? Do you celebrate that? Not jumping up and down celebrating, but a “thank you Universe for bringing this abundance to me”.

Experiment with these scenarios, how can you be more accepting of the good, more welcoming of the abundance no matter how it shows up.

What we’re working with here is your energy/vibration. The Universe doesn’t respond to what we say we want it responds to who we are being. So you are saying you want more (which is essentially what your vision is, an expression of the more you’d love to experience) but you’re pushing away the good that is coming to you by batting back compliments, by saying no to kind offers of food, help, money – however it shows up in your life – then the Universe reads that as you not wanting more after all! If I am spending a few minutes on my vision in the morning (in tune with the more I want to welcome in my life) but I spend the rest of my waking hours pushing good away, the balance is all wrong!

Have fun experimenting with these ideas and enjoy all the ways the good is coming to you. If you really want to build your believing in how all of this works, start tracking all the ways in which abundance shows up – the vouchers in the supermarket, the forgotten coins in your pockets, the offer of leftovers or bringing a ‘doggie bag’ home from the restaurant that provides tomorrow’s ‘free’ lunch, an Easter Egg you’re gifted, even if it isn’t your favourite kind of chocolate (!) – welcome all of it.

And as you open up more and more to receiving, know that you deserve every bit of it and more. You are a son or daughter of Life itself! The Universe delights in bringing your good to you.

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Cover Photo by Alex Shute on Unsplash