Are You Pot Bound?

Happy New Year!

How are you doing with your New Year’s resolutions?  Have you discovered your word of the year?  Are you already falling behind with your plans for the start of 2019?  Would you like some support?

As many of you know, I am a regular meditator and yesterday, while meditating I had the sense of feeling pot bound.  Although I have been enjoying my personal transition into 2019, while meditating, I saw the image of some plants I have in my sun room, which are, literally, pot bound. 

And it felt like is was a bit of a metaphor for where I am at with some aspects of my professional life.  Let me explain…

I started building my collection of succulents and cacti about 4 years ago, which was also, coincidently, when I started my journey as a free lance coach and facilitator.  We had decided as a family to get a dog and were exploring the possibility of getting one from the fabulous West Cork Rescue Centre near Clonakilty that had been recommended to us.  On our first visit, before ever seeing a dog, I was struck by the owner’s collection of cacti and succulents in her sunroom.  I loved the look they created and decided to emulate it at home and have been building my own collection slowly since then.  

Now, as many of you probably know, a great advantage of cacti and succulents is that they don’t need a lot of care and attention!  In the last year however, as I realised yesterday, most of mine have become completely pot bound.  

How does this relate to my professional life?  Well, in the past four years I’ve done a lot and learned a lot, I’ve met all of you and empowered hundreds of people to create and live lives they love living through my workshops and coaching.   What I realised yesterday however is that in the past 12 months or so,  I too have become a bit pot bound and the way I approached my business at the start of my journey is not now relevant for how I need to organise it going forward.

While staying with this idea during my meditation, I realised that like my plants, I need a bigger pot!  I can’t just yank myself out of the current ‘pot’ all exposed roots and no way to hold water and nourishment.  I still need a container to support my growth, it just needs to be a bigger one!  I’m ready to play a bit bigger and serve more people and my support structures need to reflect that.

So how about you?  Are you ready to play bigger?  Do you have plans that will require you to have a bigger container to support your growth?  Would you love to have some support in getting clear about what you want to achieve in 2019 and how you can take those all important first steps to achieving it? 

If your answer is yes, why not come on over and book a complimentary strategy session with me here.  Just book a session and we’ll have an hour together over the phone or internet to focus on you, your plans and how to achieve them.  Simply pick a time that suits you during January and we’ll get you started.

To your success!


PS – for those of you who are wondering, we did get a dog, West, our gorgeous collie-mix – best decision ever!
First published – January 2019