Some people live 90 years and some live the same year 90 times – what kind of life are you living?  

For so many of us, we get stuck in the old familiar and despite good intentions we find it near impossible to break out of old habits with the result that we live the same year over and over.  How is 2018 working out for you so far?  If you’re like most people, you are living another 365 days remarkably similar to the last 365…

There are lots of perfectly understandable reasons for why this happens to us, including

  • Lack of clarity and specificity around what we were intending to create in terms of outcome
  • Focusing on avoidance rather than approach goals e.g. I want to lose weight rather than I want to get fit and health – what you resist persists!
  • Relying on willpower alone to create our results.  We can only do this and get results for a short while because this type of energy is all push energy and quickly it exhausts us.  We need to align our energy differently to change our results in the long term.
  • Too little support and encouragement both around and inside us

One of the ways in which we can overcome these challenges is to learn how to understand and apply some of the invisible, universal laws of success:

1. Law of Specificity.
Specificity is required for alignment.  You need to be able to very specifically identify what it is that you want.  There is really only one question to be asked and answered –What would you love?  You need to be able to see what you would love in picture perfect focus, be able to describe it in all its glorious detail and then keep that picture in focus, even in the face of challenging circumstances.

2. Law of Vibration
You must then match the frequency and hold the state of the vision you want to create.  Remember TVs long ago when aerials weren’t great – maybe you remember the rabbit ears on top of the TV and you had to move them around to try and get the best reception?  The vibrational frequency of your vision is the same and you need to keep your focus on it for the best reception, i.e., to be able to experience that vision in your time and space reality.  We need to learn how to be in our current conditions while also being fully aligned with our vision.

3. Law of Proximity
What you’re around you become!  Are you spending time with people who are having the kind of success and outcomes that you would love to experience?  Who and what do you have around you that will support you in creating the life and career you’d love to be living?

It takes a lot to change old habits and to understand the universal laws of success and how to apply them to good effect in your life.  Would you like some help?

If your answer is Yes, why not join me and a group of like-minded individuals at my Vision Workshop – 3 Keys to Accelerating Your Results on Saturday 3 November, 10.30-4.00, Republic of Work, Cork.  Details and Bookings here.